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The Educational Society of St. James` School aims not only to form sound character and personality of the young students but also to train them to become dutiful and useful citizens of their motherland India. We also affirm that learning is the chief priority of the school.


Provide a highly stimulating, rewarding and conducive and enriched curriculum.

Provide congenial, friendly, reassuring and conducive school atmosphere. READ MORE


The school attaches great importance to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These are designed to develop important traits of character like honesty, self-confidence, co-operation and diligence and to promote talents for leadership and responsibility. READ MORE

Welcome to St. James’ School!

St. James` School, Binnaguri

was founded by the Congregation of The Brothers of St. Patrick (Patrician Brothers) in 1973. It is registered The Educational Society of St. James` School, and this institution is managed by the Brothers and assisted by the Sisters of Norte Dame.

We consider Character formation is most essential and so great stress in laid on the inculcation of high ideals, gentlemanly behavior, moral rectitude and service to the country.



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Sister Institutions

"My Alma Mater you are simply adorable the more I see you the more I fall in love with you God Bless "

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  • St. Joseph’s College, Coonoor, Ootty
  • St. George’s College, Mussoorie
  • St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehra Dun
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